1 Introduction

In this module, we will discuss the following concepts:

  1. How to bring your own datasets into GEE.
  2. How to associate values from remotely sensed data with your own data.
  3. How to export features from GEE.

2 Background

Knowing how animals react to their environment is critical in understanding how to manage those species. While animals are forced to make choices to meet their basic needs it is likely that their choices are also influenced by dynamic factors such as local weather conditions. Outside of direct observation, it can be difficult to connect animal behavior to weather conditions. Within this module we are going to integrate the GPS collar data collected from a cougar with daily temperature estimates from the Daymet climatological dataset accessed via GEE.

This will require us to bring in our own data into GEE, connect the weather values to the point locations, and bring those value added data back out of GEE for further analysis.